the European operations


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about us

brp is a European service provider for the makers of great, cool and innovative products.

we establish the European supply chain and business operations capabilities to help you scale your business and improve its performance.

the European operations

what we do

serving a client base of entrepreneurs, investors and established global brands in the technology sector, brp does what is required to setup, scale or improve their European operations.

we partner with you, acting as an on-demand team member, on a project- or interim-management basis; providing leadership, clear direction, practical expertise and seamless collaboration.

we are not consultants advising you what you should be doing;on the contrary, our team of experienced operators will work together with you
to establish high performance teams, business processes, technology tools and partnerships, that fit the requirements of your European business and its customers.


responsible performance

connected, shared, circular and responsible.
characteristics of the technology products of today’s and tomorrow’s world.

our promise as well as our track record is to move your European business a big step forward either in performance or in scale; most of the times in both, and always in full alignment to today’s sustainability and social responsibility standards

the brp team

your business, taken personal.

brp is an independent team of seasoned professionals in product sourcing,
industrialisation, manufacturing, supply chain and customer experience.

with entrepreneurship in our DNA, we share a passion for innovation,
a belief in purpose and a commitment to bring excellence and value to the business of our customers.

  • Berend Rijnsdorp
  • Bart Kuunders
    partner, logistics
  • Y-Fang Deo Van
    partner industrialization
  • Lillian van Dijk
    marketing and community
  • Marleen Blomsma
    executive assistant
  • Johan Smithjes
    partner, supply chain

your technology products

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