scaling the European business

of your innovative tech products

to serve the world of tomorrow

about us

connected, shared, circular and responsible.
characteristics of the technology products of today’s and tomorrow’s world.

no matter how good your product,
success depends on your ability to scale the business.

brp is a renowned boutique service provider,
operating in go-to-market, distribution, logistics and supply chain management,
specialized in the European business scaling of product innovations,
in the consumer electronics, juvenile and cleantech sectors.

scaling the European business

what we do

we take your product into the European market,
establishing and operating go-to-market, distribution and logistics capabilities,
fit to the needs of your business.

in addition, we industrialize your product, taking it from pilot build to mass production;
developing competent and competitive supplier- and manufacturing capabilities.

finally, we complement and strengthen your competences by being an on-demand team member, collaborating seamlessly with your own team as well as representing you towards your external stakeholders and business partners.

of your innovative tech products


first, on behalf of your investor or yourself, we objectively and professionally assess the current state of your business and the realistic outlook of your aspiration.

then, together with you, we build, operate and transfer.

we start where the competences of your team stop; mentoring and guiding them along the way and handing over as soon as the capabilities to scale your business have been established.

we work on demand, budget conscious, spending just the time we need, always adding value and committed to deliver scalability, compliance, competitiveness, customer excellence and an excellent return on your investment in our services.

the brp team

your business, taken personal.

brp: a competent and truly independent team of seasoned professionals in sales & marketing, distribution, supply chain and product management in the technology sector.
all entrepreneurs, we share a passion for innovation, a belief in purpose and a commitment to bring excellence to the business of our customers.

  • Berend Rijnsdorp
    founder and ceo
  • Bart Kuunders
    partner, logistics
  • Y-Fang Deo Van
    partner industrialization
  • Fransisco Reyes
    senior operations manager
  • Lillian van Dijk
    marketing and community
  • Marleen Blomsma
    team assistant
  • Martijn Cazemier
    partner industrialisation

to serve the world of tomorrow

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